Memorable Women Spacewalkers Expectation to Land on the Moon

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Will both of these space explorers be the main lady on the moon?

Subsequent to impacting the world forever at the space station, NASA space explorers Christina Koch and Jessica Meir look to the moon.

This past Friday (Oct. 18), Koch and Meir directed the first-since forever “all women spacewalk,” during which they supplanted a defective bit of equipment that powers the International Space Station. Today , after their milestone accomplishment, Koch and Meir tended to the media through webcast and shared their energy about NASA’s Artemis program and their fantasies about going to the lunar surface.

Preceding propelling to the space station in September,”I would absolutely love to be the first woman on the moon. That would be my ideal mission. It is time for us to go back to the moon, and I think that we will be able to do that in the near future and I would love to be the one on that mission.”

Meir additionally disclosed the amount of a fantasy it has been for her to turn into a space traveler, yet to one day complete a spacewalk. they said that they was “really looking forward to the potential to do a spacewalk since that’s really what I’ve always envisioned myself doing really my whole life.”

“I wrote this in my high school yearbook under future plans, I said: to go for a spacewalk. So, I finally checked that box and have lived that dream,” the astronaut said today during the webcast. “Another dream would be to go to the moon. That’s always the image I had from the very first drawing I did of when I said I wanted to be an astronaut in the first grade – was standing on the surface of the moon. So I think maybe I’ll make that my new dream,” They added.

Meir is one of 12 ladies who are dynamic in NASA’s space explorer corps and are qualified to be picked for the main Artemis strategic land people on the outside of the moon. Koch, who drove Friday’s spacewalk as a veteran spacewalker, is additionally one of the 12 ladies who could be picked as the main lady to stroll on the moon.

“The idea of having the honor of being the first woman to walk on the moon is almost too great to fathom,” Koch said today during the webcast. “Obviously it would be a fantasy of mine and has been as long as They can remember yet until further notice, They’ll simply make due with realizing that They’ll most likely in any event realize the principal lady to stroll on the moon, insight clue.”

As Koch said “hint hint,” they poked Meir, proposing their desire for Meir to be the main lady on the moon. This isn’t astonishing, as the two were acknowledged into the space explorer corps simultaneously in 2013 and have been extraordinary companions from that point forward.

“I definitely do not necessarily know the selection process,” Koch added, “but I do know that every single person in our office is extremely qualified and whoever does that mission will be the right person for the job and will carry the hopes and dreams of everyone to explore.”

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