How does the CTC cultural tourism public chain build a digital cultural tourism credit system?

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In 2020, the global tourism industry was hit hard by the new crown virus. In the first five months of this year, international travel stopped sharply increasing in April and May, and the number of international tourists dropped by nearly 60% year-on-year. The number of international tourists in the whole year may drop by 60% to 80% compared with 2019. Calculating with the median of 70%, the number of international tourists in 2020 will drop to 450 million. International tourism is expected to usher in a recovery in 2021.

However, experts and scholars in the field of global tourism still unanimously believe that the good trend and situation of the development of cultural tourism will not change, and the demand of hundreds of millions of people in the world for a better life represented by tourism consumption will only increase. The global tourism industry should unite to overcome the difficulties and promote the recovery, revitalization and prosperity of the tourism industry.

The tourism industry is bound to recover in the future, and with the gradual advancement of the digitalization of the tourism industry, the development pain points of many traditional tourism industries will also be effectively resolved. Emerging technologies represented by blockchain can effectively solve the problem of trust between people. Using its distributed storage, decentralization, and non-tamperable data characteristics, it is expected to be combined with the tourism industry to solve industry pain points. Many project parties and technicians who are deeply involved in the blockchain + tourism industry have been actively exploring the combination of blockchain technology and the tourism industry.

The CTC Cultural Tourism Public Chain uses blockchain technology to build a decentralized merchant evaluation system and build a good community ecology. Users and businesses rate each other, comment, and set rewards and punishments for evil. Positive behaviors such as writing travel guides and forwarding can be motivated, improve the community ecology, and eliminate fraudulent reviews. Incorporate regulatory agencies into the ecological system to effectively supervise merchants, strictly control prices, eliminate sky-high prices, and at the same time, chain transactions are the only channel for issuing tickets to eliminate scalpers.

For users, a comfortable and pleasant travel experience is the primary goal. However, in many scenic spots around the world, there are still negative phenomena such as poor service, unrealistic prices, and improper behavior, which greatly reduces the travel quality of tourists. The cultural and tourism credit system created by CTC is based on the immutability of blockchain, allowing scenic spots and tourists to share a platform to comment on each other’s credit, improve the quality of both parties, and regulate each other’s behavior.

Similar to the after-sales evaluation mechanism of merchants in e-commerce platforms, brand reputation based on credit will directly affect the impression of scenic spots in the minds of tourists, and credit to a large extent is directly proportional to the long-term development of scenic spots. If the scenic spot and its related comprehensive service facilities and personnel do not have strict self-requirements and professional service quality, they will fall in the credit rankings of many scenic spots around the world, and scenic spots with advanced business will be highly praised, so as to achieve better credit and development The better the forward cycle.

In addition, the CTC Cultural Tourism Public Chain will evaluate the credit of scenic spots that need to be chained to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of the owners of the scenic spot passes after the chain. Scenic spots with low credit ratings will lose the opportunity to chain on the cultural tourism public chain and issue exclusive tokens. And each scenic spot that meets the standards of the cultural tourism public chain can save its own information and qualifications and other data on the chain, and issue tokens on the cultural tourism public chain based on its own body size, and the token will be endorsed by the credit of the scenic spot , And issued in a constant amount, cannot be tampered with, and can be exchanged at any time with the CTC at the current price.

People cannot stand without credibility, industry without credibility will not thrive, and a country without credibility will decline. Credit is vital to the development of individuals, industries, and the country. In the process of the sustainable development of the global cultural and tourism industry, the digital on-chain credit system created by the CTC cultural and tourism public chain will help the mass scenic spots around the world to better shape the reputation of the scenic spots, while truly protecting the rights and effectiveness of tourist evaluation It will ultimately empower the entire global tourism industry ecology and continue to provide stable momentum and constructive power for the development of the global digital economy.

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