RYERCAT Cat Toothbrush featured in Modern Cat Magazine, and Recommended by 2CCL

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CA – RYERCAT, a pioneering pet care brand, has made significant strides in feline dental health with its latest innovation, the RYERCAT Dual-Sided Cat Toothbrush. This product has not only been featured in the prestigious Modern Cat Magazine but has also received recommendations from the esteemed social media influencers, The Two Crazy Cat Ladies (2CCL), affirming its effectiveness and importance in maintaining the oral hygiene of cats.

The RYERCAT Cat Toothbrush, while simple in design, is a powerful tool for preventing dental diseases in cats, which can lead to more severe health issues if left untreated. Its dual-sided feature allows for a comprehensive cleaning experience, catering to both the front and back teeth, areas often neglected during routine brushing. This thoughtful design ensures that all areas of the mouth are reached, promoting healthier gums and preventing the buildup of plaque and tartar. The inclusion of this innovative product in Modern Cat Magazine highlights its significance and the growing awareness of the importance of dental care in pets’ overall health.

Moreover, RYERCAT’s inclusion of Silvervine in its product lineup showcases the company’s innovative approach to combining enjoyment with health benefits. Silvervine for cats, a natural herb, is not only beloved by cats for its enticing aroma and taste but also acts as a dental cleaning tool. As cats chew on the Silvervine sticks, the natural rough texture of the sisal rope helps clean their teeth, offering a safe and effective way to maintain oral hygiene while indulging in a bit of fun.

RYERCAT understands that awareness and knowledge are key to promoting healthy habits among pet owners, which is why it has invested in creating informative content that guides individuals on how to effectively use its products for maximum benefits. Its website serves as a comprehensive resource for pet owners seeking information and products to enhance their pets’ well-being. From dental care to overall health, RYERCAT aims to be the go-to brand for pet owners looking to provide the best care for their furry companions.

The recognition by Modern Cat Magazine and the recommendation from the 2CCL serve as a testament to RYERCAT’s commitment to excellence and innovation in pet care. These endorsements help build trust among pet owners, assuring them of the quality and effectiveness of RYERCAT’s products.

The company’s vision extends beyond the present, with plans to continue researching and developing new products that meet the evolving needs of pets and their owners. Its dedication to quality, innovation, and education positions RYERCAT as a leader in the pet care industry, committed to positively impacting the lives of pets and their families.


RYERCAT is a cat dental brand focused on improving the health and happiness of pets through innovative products and comprehensive resources. The company is committed to offering high-quality, effective solutions for pet dental care and overall well-being. With a focus on feline health, RYERCAT’s product line includes the acclaimed Dual Sided Cat Toothbrush and Silvervine for cats, aimed at promoting dental health and enriching the lives of cats and their owners. RYERCAT is 100% women owned & operated, from Vancouver, Canada.

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