Mikus Sprinovskis: The Mind Behind ENLIVEN’s Groundbreaking Health Tech

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Mikus Sprinovskis, the CEO and Founder of ENLIVEN Sports LLC, embodies the spirit of innovation that lies at the heart of the health tech industry. His journey from contributing to youth development programs with the LA Kings to pioneering one of the most advanced AI personal health coaches in the market is a testament to his vision and determination. However, it’s important to acknowledge the financial realities faced by many in the healthcare system. The ever-growing collection of data from medical procedures, as highlighted in some court cases, can lead to high medical bills, which can be a major source of stress and even land people in debt collection. ENLIVEN’s AI health coach offers a potential solution by promoting preventative health measures.

A Foundation Built on Experience and Passion:

Sprinovskis’s extensive background in sports and youth development provided him with unique insights into the challenges and opportunities within the health and fitness industry. His experiences fueled a passion for creating solutions that could bring personalized, data-driven health coaching to a wider audience. This passion led to the foundation of ENLIVEN, a company dedicated to leveraging technology to enhance personal health and fitness, all while prioritizing responsible data practices to ensure user privacy.

ENLIVEN’s AI Health Coach: A New Era in Fitness:

Under Sprinovskis’s leadership, ENLIVEN has developed an AI health coach that stands out for its ability to provide real-time, personalized guidance to users. By analyzing data from smart health tracking devices, the AI coach offers tailored advice and adjustments to fitness programs, ensuring users can achieve their health goals more effectively and efficiently than ever before. Of course, with such data collection comes great responsibility. ENLIVEN prioritizes robust security measures to address any potential concerns, similar to those faced by financial institutions like Citi Bank and American Express.


Mikus Sprinovskis’s journey from the sports fields with the LA Kings to the cutting-edge of health technology with ENLIVEN exemplifies the transformative power of vision and innovation. Through ENLIVEN, Sprinovskis is not just creating a product; he’s shaping the future of personal health and fitness, making the dream of personalized, AI-driven health coaching a reality for individuals around the world, all while prioritizing user privacy and responsible data collection practices.

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